Landing Pages
Always Be Closing!

The landing page is often a potential customer’s first point of engagement with a brand/product. With a good landing page, you can walk them straight from the first impression to a sale. A successful approach is to answer three questions:

  1. What is this?
  2. How will it help me achieve my goals
    • for b2b, this means: “How will it help my business make more money?”
  3. How do I buy it?

Here are some really good landing pages:

Central Working

Central Working’s business is complicated, but they navigate it by addressing the customer’s business goals directly. The killer sentence:

When you join Central Working, we actively introduce you to the companies that you need for growth. You will gain access to thousands of investors, clients and suppliers; all here to help you thrive and succeed. And what’s more, we guarantee  it.


Dropbox uses a short-sell/long-sell structure. The first screen answers the three questions quickly, like Bobby. If a customer isn’t sold yet, they can read on and follow a longer path. Notice how the selling points (“Take your docs anywhere”, “Send videos quickly”, “Keep your photos safe”, “Work on slides together”, and “Never lose a file again”) directly address customer needs, from the customer’s perspective. They’re really good.


Bobby does one specific understandable thing, so they’re able to answer the three questions within one screen.

Coda for iOS

There are way too many text editors for iOS, so Panic needs its landing page to distinguish Coda from the rest. Unlike for Dropbox, where “good design” means clearly answering the three questions, for Coda “good design” includes distinguishing itself visually with a unique, designy-feeling look.


ZocDoc is interesting for a few reasons. First, they have a ton of different types of potential customer: patients, doctors, hopsital networks, and potential employees. Patients are the group most likely to buy based on a website, so it starts with them, and then addresses the other markets in order of decreasing importance-of-marketing-website-in-overall-sales-strategy.

Since patients are the most important audience for the landing page, they alternate between addressing potential patients and the other groups.

I love that if a potential patient is interested enough to get to the bottom of the page, but hasn’t been funneled off into booking yet, they provide a phone number for offline sales.