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Andrew Monks

Atlanta, GA
+1 978-254-1779
senior developer in mobile at Samsara Networks Inc.
I particularly enjoy
working with scary “legacy” code,
collaborating with people from many organizational units,
building well-tested “framework-level” components,
growing happy and productive engineering teams, and
knowing that my work directly contributes to business value.
I’ve made sites and apps for brands like Apple, Spotify, Porsche, and Walgreens.
“You have a way of explaining things to clients so they don’t just understand it, they get excited about it.”
—an employer
“I never realized just how readable code could be until you got hired.”
—a coworker
“Why can’t my actual professor be this helpful?”
—a student
“Honestly, since you started here, my workload’s dropped by 70%. Thank you.”
—a CTO
music videos
LEAFTYPE // estate of the salon
Modus // Mhmm
RYV // can-f