Hi! I'm Andrew Monks.

I make arts, websites and computer programs, build communities, and sometimes VJ.

I'm interested in data, surveillance, the Internet of Things, technological literacy, and the growing ubiquity of Web.

Here are some of my favorite things I've done:

There are many other works on this website, I try to keep it up to date. You see a huge list of everything, or use these links to filter by medium:

Here are some projects I'm working on right now:

Subway Game

I'm making a multiplayer 90s-style text game (you're in a dark room, Andrew is here, go east, say hi to Andrew, look around) to deployed to a guerrilla mesh wifi network on the subway. The game will automatically pop up on people's phones and hopefully some % will play.

I'd like to create a social (if potentially a bit intrusive) experience from the antisocial reality of the commute. It's a lot easier to type say hello than to actually say "hello" to a stranger on a train. Basically a chatroom, but I think styling it as a text adventure gives the whole project a kind of friendly-nostalgic vibe, and gives people a reason to stick around and explore until somebody else connects.

Livecoding Web Remix Browser System

I'm working on a multipurpose in-browser livecoding system for remixing the Web.


You make a Facebook-style popup, and throw a Google map in it. You make an oscillator, and pipe its output into the longitude and latitude of the Google map. Then you pipe the oscillator into the x and y position of the popup. Etc.

I've been working on various iterations of this for a while, but I haven't been satisfied with any. The current iteration uses the Redux (kinda like Flux) architecture, and the modules are React components. I like where it's headed.